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The Spitfires

Response CD Album

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Release Date: 21/08/2015

Discs: 1

The brash mod punk sound of The Spitfires come from Billy Sullivan (vocals, guitar), Chris Chanell (keyboard, vocals), Matt Johnson (drums), and Sam Long (bass). Inspired by The Clash, The Jam and The Specials – Matt, Billy and Sam formed the band in Watford, England in September 2012. In 2014, the band became a four piece – introducing Chris to the band to play keys.

With dates supporting Paul Weller and The Specials – The Spitfires gained a nationwide reputation for being an urgent, energetic and powerful live act. Their first single to be released as a four piece ‘Stand Down’ sold out within 2 weeks of being on sale. Even though the numbers were very limited, it’s an impressive achievement for a band without a major label, industry backing or even mainstream radio play. The band’s debut album ‘Response’ is released August 21st 2015 on the bands own record label ‘Catch 22’.

‘Response’ is the debut album from Watford based band The Spitfires. The four piece unapologetically wear their influences on their sleeves as already stated but it’s the modern outlook that set them apart.

Crashing guitars and snarling vocals from lead singer/lyricist Billy Sullivan with a point to prove opens up the LP with the anthemic  ‘Disciples’ and with the likes of 'Tell Me' and 'When I Call Out Your Name' it's hard to ignore the powerful pop angles thrown up. Mixed the harsh reality of teenage frustration of 'Relapse', Words to Say and  ‘4am’ the album utilises both strings and brass to great effect. Tracks like ‘Spoke Too Soon’ and ‘Serenade Parts 1 & 2’ however, showcase the bands softer side and in true terms shows The Spitfires not to be just a one trick pony.


01. Disciples
02.Tell Me
03. Escape Me
04. Spoke Too Soon
05. Relapse
06. Stand Down
07. Serenade Part 1
08. I'm Holdin' On
09. Spark To Start
10. Words To Say
11. When I Call Out Your Name
12. Serenade Part 2
13. 4am